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Literature Delivered Within Branded Apps

Literature Delivered Within Branded Apps

The smartphone has become the most important device in our lives, always with us, always on and always ready to use for various functions. When was the last time you looked at your wrist to tell the time? We now have the luxury of digital clocks and personlisation of ringtones.

Technology is now making the same changes for our traditional media. Radio, TV, Films and Music are all accessible on our smartphones everywhere we go. Again the gaming world is making their titles available across multiple platforms including the smartphone.

So, are we now are breaking point when it comes to the type of apps we are uploading to our device? Should we be expecting more from apps? We are seeing a shift to apps that contain quality content that’s informative and engaging.

An app should have a function and make improvements over its traditional counterpart. That leaves us with traditional literature — paper based communication materials. Imagine producing literature for your products / services and within seconds it’s in the hands of your customer. Traditional literature now digitised for smart devices (phones and tablets) delivered from the cloud within a brand app — is now available from drawinginc.

Talk to us today. Let us show you how we can produce your communication materials for smartphones within a branded app.