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How Usain Bolt Brands Himself

How Usain Bolt Brands Himself

Personal branding is defined as the creation of an asset that pertains to a particular person or individual. This includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge, which makes an impression that is uniquely distinguishable. An individual’s personal brand is often visible on various products they endorse.

As recently seen during the Olympics, a number of athletes visualised their brand personality. After winning gold in the London games Usain showcased his now famous lightning bolt victory pose – Usain Bolt demonstrated the power of a brand on a global stage.

And from a global to a national stage…there is currently a nationwide event which allows all types of personal brands express themselves. We have recently created an authentic brand to reflect a national fitness event. Because the brand needed to appeal to a wide target audience of various ages, our brand solution provides a timeless identity. With a clear and concise icon accompanying the logotype the target audience quickly identifies the fitness disciplines of the event.

Technology has been put in place to get everyone involved and begin competing through website registration. The teams digital account manages their subscription fees and their distant trials over a 10 week period. Digital media is used to create an event in which everyone can participate no matter where they are in Ireland. This is a brand for everyone with an interest in fitness and raising funds for charity.

TriFitness, is essentially a fun, team indoor fitness event of 10 weeks duration with emphasis on the values of improved mobility, health and wellbeing. Covering the 3 apparatus of treadmill, rowing and cycling, teams of three in various categories will endeavour, through a series of interactive distance trials, to qualify for the semi-final and final which will be held in one of the country’s largest indoor sporting arenas — DCU Sport.

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