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Enterprise Solution

The hype and hysteria over the past year have seen a massive step change in the consumer and business world. Having read key articles from across the globe, researchers say that a staggering 65 million tablets will sell in 2011. Let me repeat that, 65 million! Out of those the biggest users would be between 22 and 54, which ultimately shows how tech-savvy we have become today.

The growth market at the forefront of the tablet devices is the frequent use of them, which shows reading magazines or newspapers at an optimum level, with watching video content being the engaging arena. With the help of these devices, we’ve just delivered our first digital publishing campaign for one of our key clients, Pfizer. They were one of the first to embrace this dynamic solution in Ireland as part of their customer and sales experience.

Pfizer looked at new technology to achieve ground breaking results across their company, and when we presented this leading edge application, the green light was given to develop the impactful cost saving tool. Essentially speaking, this tool allows you migrate print publications to tablet devices by offering a complete digital solution.

Main benefits include eye-catching interactive elements, such as 360 degree rotation, high definition integration including high definition video, sound and animation. Available on iPad, Android and Blackberry Playbook, we believe this will revolutionise one-to-one presentations, group presentations, sales processes and much more.

We’re excited with this enterprising solution that will change the way you do business, forever.

This is the game changer. Take a tablet and see.


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