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Communicating Creative Options
in 2014

Communicating Creative Options </br> in 2014

Firstly, my I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. With the festivities of December fading, I suspect like us, that you are settling into a new business planning phase for the coming year. As a Dublin-based creative agency carrying out work for clients all over Ireland and abroad, we are responsible for the implementation and management of brand identities, creative strategies, and integrated marketing communications for our clients. Whether that entails the creation and management of direct mail or advertising campaigns, or the building of an e-commerce web portal, our business approach and delivery of service must always be professional in terms of meeting the client objectives, timelines and budgets.

We are always aware that like most businesses, we operate in a highly competitive environment. We cherish the industry awards and accolades bestowed on us in the past, but we do not survive on these past glories, and we realise that we are only as good as our last job. We strive to constantly review and reinvent ourselves as necessary and we therefore spend time and money on our market positioning.

Key to our success has been our hunger to stay on top of new and emerging technologies that will help us and our clients to achieve their objectives more successfully over competitors. Knowing is one thing, but communicating this knowledge to our clients and potential clients is an entirely different thing.

In an effort to achieve this, we constantly review and update our website with this knowledge through client case studies. We also devise and run our own direct mail campaigns to disseminate this knowledge as well as inform through blogs (such as this). We ensure that our website www.drawinginc.ie is optimised to attract the most hits possible. All these are activities are a subtle blend of technology, marketing, and creativity which aims to position our company at the forefront of creative design.

Technology development is moving so fast that it is difficult for everyone to keep up or even be aware of the power and potential of these technologies for their businesses, so we are happy to do that, as it helps our business too. Whether it is mobile Apps or digital publishing, we understand it, and more importantly, we understand how it can revolutionise a business – YOUR BUSINESS!

Last year we engaged in many collaborative creative meetings with clients that were hugely successful. It enabled the marketing teams in these companies to avail of our knowledge, and as a consequence, allowed them formulate marketing strategies that were informed and insightful. Often, the collaboration meeting would be kicked-off with a marketing audit conducted by us, to evaluate the status quo of the business, before looking at the possible creative technology marketing options.

So, if you are at the point where you are reviewing and evaluating your marketing for 2014, and would like to hear some expert advice to help you in that process, we would be delighted to talk to you. You can contact me, James Nelson (Creative Director, drawinginc) on (01) 216 4242.