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the creative process

Vision & Strategy.

Our first goal is to identify and understand your organisation’s vision and strategy, through a collaborative marketing audit process. During this dialogue we discover the variables affecting your business environment. In turn, we investigate your organisation’s capabilities through stakeholder interviews and reviewing your relevant communication materials (e.g. sales and marketing materials etc.). We then complete a competitive analysis in order for us to define the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats for your business. This collaborative auditing process enables us to recommend the best strategy to improve your bottom-line profit.


The Brief.

Creating the brief highlights the key findings and learnings in order to focus the creative process. The brief is as a result of the collaborative process and therefore acts as a solid foundation for the identifiable deliverables. These deliverables are used to meet your your organisation’s objectives, vision and strategy.



The marketing audit analysis is used to provide the core ingredients for the idea-generation sessions. These sessions allow us to provide you with a visual roadmap of our proposed strategy for you and acts as a foundation for the creative process. By exploring the factors and trends effecting the marketplace in which our clients operate, we are able to establish the factors that will ensure success in the future. As creative design and marketing professionals we are perfectly poised to help you achieve this success.



In this phase, creative concepts are developed from the results of the brainstorming sessions. Mock-ups, prototypes, visuals, sample materials and wire frames are produced to communicate the professional approach conducted by our expert designers for your organisation’s brand, services or products. Overall the design solutions demonstrate an approach and direction, and how it differentiates you in the marketplace. Throughout this phase we test, amend, recreate and finalise a design idea, meeting the target market objectives — in short, a focused approach to reach the best solution.



As design experts we translate the creative solutions into the different media communications, as appropriate. This includes the production process of agreed activities, timelines and reporting lines. Media deliverables can include branding, corporate communications, digital platforms, website development, app development and advertising, including press, television, and radio.



Our quality management process involves reviewing the results of our creative process and project campaign deliverables. By evaluating the creative design process, design deliverables and market reaction, we can build on the results and keep on-track with changes in the marketplace and customer habits. It also helps you identify growth areas in order to concentrate your organisations resources to key business drivers.


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