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TriFitness, is essentially a fun, individual indoor fitness event of 4 weeks duration with emphasis on the values of improved mobility, health and wellbeing. Using the treadmill, rowing machine and bike, individuals in various categories will endeavour, through a series of interactive distance trials, to qualify for the semi-finals and finals.

TriFitness is a nationwide campaign with a strong emphasis on designated website interactivity, and was rolled out in national sports associations as well as gyms and fitness centres. drawinginc created the corporate identity, promotional material and website for this nationwide campaign. The website held the latest in coding technology in order to keep track of all teams and gyms that participated.

This was achieved by an integration of Javasript, CSS, and PHP. The website contained videos from fitness experts and nutritionists to help participants prepare better for this fitness event. This information could only be accessed by a user after they signed up. All content throughout the site was controlled by passwords and logins.

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