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Bostik Climatech

It’s not often you get to wrap your arms around a brief, in it’s entirety. So we were delighted to get the chance to figure out how best to tackle this one. Brief was very much direct response! With more and more people staying put, and thus renovating their existing houses, a huge gap in the market appeared. Climatech wraps your home in warmth by keeping heat within your home while reducing drafts through a layer of insulation.

The beauty of the insulation is two pronged – firstly because the heat can no longer escape, it gets reflected back into the home and secondly, you can save up to 50% on heating bills. With these benefits in mind we produced an engaging animated 30″ TV advertisement showing consumer the key advantages of using this product.
Next we designed and built their website, integrating the TV advertisement. And then we continued the campaign with the supply of sales materials for the team to drive home the message when ‘out and about’, along with consumer brochures & literature.

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