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Commissioners of Irish Lights
Corporate Plan

The Commissioners of Irish Lights (CIL)is a maritime organisation delivering an essential safety service around the coast of Ireland, protecting the marine environment, and supporting the marine industry and coastal communities. In recent years they’ve transformed how they deliver their services, putting the emphasis on efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, while exploiting new technologies and new opportunities wherever possible.

drawinginc was approached by the Commissioners of Irish lights to create a design for their Business/Corporate Plan to convey a dynamic, business-focused, cost-effective and technology-enabled service for the marine transport sector. The document was aimed at shipbrokers and government and industry stakeholders.
drawinginc produced a Corporate Plan that highlighted the key services of CIL through strong black and white imagery and the use of clean modern typography throughout the document. The feedback to our design approach, from CIL and their target audience, was very positive and generated great results for CIL. 

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