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Pfizer Vfend App

Pfizer is one of the world’s premier research-based pharmaceutical companies and is one of Ireland’s leading employers and the largest pharmaceutical sector investor and employer. Being one of the first pharmaceutical companies to locate in Ireland (1969), Pfizer has a rich heritage of innovation and expansion over a forty year period. Pfizer has over 4,000 colleagues across 8 locations based in Cork, Dublin, Kildare and Limerick. Pfizer’s business interests in Ireland are diverse.

There is a manufacturing presence in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Solid Dose Pharmaceuticals, Sterile Injectables, Nutritionals, Vaccines and Biopharmaceuticals; commercial Human Prescription, Animal Health and Consumer Health products businesses; Global Financial Services centre and a Global Treasury operation. The Irish operations manufacture some of Pfizer’s best-selling and newest medicines including Viagra (urology), Sutent (oncology), Enbrel (rheumatology) and Prevenar (vaccines). Ireland is a leading manufacturing base for Pfizer globally, exporting to global markets. Total capital investment by the company in Ireland exceeds $7 billion.

Drawinginc has had a long-standing relationship with Pfizer Ireland and has provided many graphic design solutions to varying divisions of Pfizer since 2006. Being familiar with the approach made by Pfizer sales teams with their potential customers (Medical Professionals), drawinginc approached the ‘Anti-infectives’ division of Pfizer at the start of 2012 with a digital publishing solution to enhance the sales experience. Pfizer agreed to test this digital approach with their sales team.

The sales team engages medical professionals with Pfizer prescription drug products. Traditionally, the presentation is made with a detail aid in the form of a wire-bound A4 printed flipchart. Crucially, the information is presented with information from clinical trials and research and as such must rely on the latest findings to present and support the sales objectives.


The Digital Publishing solution provided by drawinginc allowed for the dissemination of this information by pushing it down, by applications, to the iPads held by the sales team. This offers a more dynamic and engaging experience for potential customers because of the capacity to incorporate video, audio and animation as required. Additionally, relevant research findings necessary for the sales presentation can be easily accessed through the iPad device and the ease of toggling between on-screen applications allows for a fluency in the presentations. The digital publishing of information also means the information is provided in ‘real time’. By replacing the traditional printed materials, the digital solution greatly reduces expensive print costs.

Declan Connolly, Country Brand Lead, Anti-Infectives of Pfizer comments “the feedback from our client-facing sales representatives is positive about the digital publishing solution, in that it positively impacts the presentation in terms of graphics and ease of developing a storyboard to tailor appropriate messages. What is most impressive is the ease in which we can move between product presentations and reinforce our messaging so powerfully and so quickly. I am absolutely confident in saying that digital publishing has enhanced our efficiency and I am sure that we will make cost savings on traditional print costs over time”.

James Nelson, Creative Director at drawinginc says “the test roll-out with Pfizer allowed us to demonstrate ‘proof of concept’ of the power of digital publishing. We aim to roll it out to other sectors in the near future, so that they too may experience the enhancements and cost savings being offered through this digital medium”.

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